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The Round Table

July 2004

More and more modern ways of communication pop up, but very few elderly people can work with them. Elderly are valuable for their experiences and knowledge, and they want to share this. Children are interested in the past, but in history class they will probably learn dry facts.
To connect these two groups, we designed the Round Table: a table with an interactive table top, on which questions from children appear. The children can post their questions as a collage with drawings and text on a special board at their school. The questions appear on a special table at the elderly home, and the table prints out postcards with the question. The elderly can write down their answer on the back of the postcard, and post it in the mailbox in the table. The comment is scanned and appears on the table and on the board at the school.
The Microsoft Design Challenge is an international contest, with student
teams from six countries. This year’s theme was "People to people; from close friends to strangers".