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Graduation project: A support tool for the Chinese village doctor

September 2006

For my graduation I wanted to develop a product for the ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’, to create an added value to their lives. In rural China local villagers fulfil the role of general practitioners, after a short medical course. These village doctors are everywhere and are well organised, but have little medical knowledge or contact with educated doctors.

The support tool I designed aims to increase their knowledge and enable distant communication, thus increasing their possibilities to help people. The tool is a compact computer that can be connected to a TV and controlled with a remote control. This makes it easy to use for the village doctors, who are used to using a TV.

Through the available phone line the device is connected to a national network. All patient data can be collected centrally and village doctors
can receive up-to-date medical information.

During the project I cooperated with Impact Solutions, Philips Medical Systems and Shanghai University, faculty of biomedical engineering. With the help of Shanghai University I did user research in rural Shanghai.