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Brainstorm facilitation game

March 2006

The elective course Creative Facilitation taught me to lead brainstorms in a way that they are structured enough to come to useful ideas, and free enough to come to new, unexpected ideas.

With a group of students, we came up with the idea to create a card game that can support groups doing brainstorms: ‘Brain Champagne’. The game consists of 5 different card types: the four shown above, representing the four phases of brainstorms, and inspiration cards.
For every phase, one of the cards for that phase is picked. The inspiration cards can be picked blindly at any time, to give the brainstorm an unexpected boost.

The cards can be used by any kind of team looking for fresh ideas, although it is recommended that at least one of the participants is an experienced brainstorm facilitator.

I initiated the idea of developing a brainstorm game, and I coordinated the team.