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Friends, colleagues, users and strangers trigger new ideas. I enjoy working in a team. Fun is important.
When creating a product I find it important to investigate the needs of the users and the demands from business, and translate those to a functional design with a focus on usability.
My passion is to create, to set something into the world that was not there before. This can be a tangible product, virtual product or service.
With what I create I want to bring a positive contribution to the world, even if on a small scale. I want to come up with innovative principle solutions that truly add value to people’s lives.
I enjoy the synergy in a team. Working together with others with different backgrounds stimulates creativity.
Challenges keep life interesting. I enjoy taking challenges and I am not afraid of the unknown.
I like discovering cultural differences and applying that knowledge to products for a certain target group.
In projects I often take initiatives and take the lead. I like to get things done.
My curiosity shows in my eagerness to learn new things. I like to disentangle complex problems and to find out what the stories are behind the objects or situations I encounter.